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Istanbul / Turkey "
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Refilling Sector Leader Technology Company

"Company History: In 1974, Ayaz ENGINEERING was formed in Istanbul - Turkey with the primary focus on enginnering solutions.

In the 90's Ayaz gone into the business by marketing the OEM computer products and office equipments.

Following the growth of the refilling business in 1999, Ayaz decided to produce machines for the grocery needs.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Ayaz has been producing a Comprehensive line of machines for refilling and cleaning cartridge remanufactures and even for home users. "

"Business Info: Inkjet Cartridge / Laser Toner Refilling Machines, Refilling Clips, and other Euipments Procuder."
"Descriptions about products:

FVC & AP Refill Machines:

Black & color cartridge High Quality PLC based cartridge refilling machines for all models.

All black from head side of refilling cartridges, Healthy method (Non-Drill System) "

Diffrent diffrent requirments for machine models.

SOHO to High Volume.
"Refilling Clips (Apparatus):

Sensitive, strong refilling cartridge clips for all types.

Ayaz new model cartridge's clips in 3 week procedure.

"Refilling accessories / kits:

Cleaning Solutions

Automatic steam generator head for safe cleaning

Protecting Head clips

Carrying clips

Packaging Solutions

Replecement chips

Remanufacturing solutions, drums "

"Ink & toners:

First Quality Inks, Toner Powders

Dye Base


Black Ink

Color Ink

Ultra-High Resulation Toner Powders


Contact Address:

Üniversite Mah. Firuzköy Bulvarı / Avcilar ISTANBUL TURKEY
Phone: +90212 690 98 94
Fax     : +90212 428 57 56
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seller Muge Ayas

Ayaz Electronic Computer and INS. Foreign Trade and sec. Co.Ltd. ,

Since 2000 enterprise as a professional and toner cartridge refilling industry continues its activities related to production and sales services.

Turkey and the world has made in the cartridge refill industry with innovation and after-sales service quality, continuing its tradition of leadership continues to feature location.

Ayaz FIRST brings in the sector 's

Ayaz's cartridge filling machines gained firsts:
* The cartridge refill machines, first as a micro-processor manufacturing technique
* Filling machines are constantly updated feature of the programs - upgrade-
* PC communication connection with the installation of filling machines
* Remote control and reporting Accessories making machines with the production function
* Table top Office and can be adapted to the type of industrial environment - up to 120 cartridge refill - the production of filling machines
* Filling machine production system with touch screen and compact vacuum odallı
* Mechanical design of the manufacturing technique and copied to the company to be constantly
* Toner cartridge refill machines and provide a complete solution - Materials with -

Sales techniques brought firsts:

* In 2004, the first with the industry to sell products online sales system
* Online sales and provide technical site structures of individual
* A to Z to provide a combination of alternatives related to the filling sector
* Filling machines with the present Charter system
* 12 month term to provide c.card
* Sectoral education and continuing to be a pioneer, in the fastest way to deliver innovation to customers

After-sales service innovations:

* The cartridge filling machines offer a service guarantee for 5 years
* Ce and service operation is the standard of EN ISO 9001:2000
* Fast service and provide logistical support
* Provide technical details about the products to its customers, provide information on sectoral

Brought to the work of branding:

* Ayaz
* Ayazprint

erforming the work of corporate branding, brand awareness of the work done to move the sector
* Ayazprint filling points to the activities in Turkey work in bringing standardization in the filling sector - continue -

"Ayaz, all the energy and knowledge to share with you the power sector is the way of leadership.

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